Free Seo Tools And Web Visibility

The fun part of website creation is adding the content. The not-so-fun but just as necessary part is called SEO optimization. 80 to 90 percent of people find your site by using a search engine. Google alone can account for 70% of traffic to some websites. After adding content, it’s important to establish a seo routine that includes the use of online seo tools.

Basic online seo tools are free. These tools monitor your site’s performance in search engines and give you information you need to modify your website for optimum search engine performance. A few of the basic free seo tools, such as those found on, check keyword density, suggest keywords for your pages, monitor your position in multiple search engines, and tell you your link popularity on the web. There are dozens of other seo website tools that can help you maintain the seo health that is so vital to your success.

A brief overview of each tool reflects its necessity in SEO maintenance. Choosing the proper keywords for a website can be life or death in search engines. The keywords are the primary words that describe your website. They are best listed in a natural way so that search engines don’t think you’re spamming keywords. A keyword suggestion tool can analyze your web page and tell you what keywords would be suitable, and search engine friendly, for your keyword meta tag. Keyword density tools help you achieve the recommended usage of your keywords in the body of a page. Using a keyword too many times can be as bad as not using it at all, so the percentage result of a keyword density check is a huge help to all webmasters.

Some experts believe that meta tags are important to the way a search engine spiders a website. Many search engines use the description tag under the title of your website, so it is your advertisement. It’s what makes people want to click on your link. This is free advertising, so choosing a good description tag is important. Most free seo tools include a meta tag analyzer to test how effectively your meta tags communicate your message to your target audience.

Reciprocal links can be a big part of your website work. You add links to your website and in exchange, another site links to you. Sometimes it doesn’t go so smoothly. A site you link to may remove your link. There is a tool for that too. You can type in your website address and see who links to you. If anyone you’re linking to removed your link, you can remove their link, too.

There are dozens of other seo optimization tools that you can explore on the internet. It’s worth the time it takes to research each tool because it will bring you the success you want much faster than if you remain uneducated about this type of website maintenance. Your livelihood may depend on the analysis provided by some of these tools. If you want people to buy what you have to sell or read what you have to share, using any of these free seo tools can help you accomplish the goals you have for your website.