Seo Tools: Expect More Than The Basics

The internet is a treasure chest of basic SEO tools. Link analyzers, meta tag generators, keyword density checkers, and search engine position checkers aren’t hard to find. Webmasters might assume that because these tools are so readily available, they’re the only SEO tools they need to use to keep their PR healthy. The real reason that the basic online SEO tools are so widespread isn’t because they’re all you need. It’s because they’ve been around the longest. You need them, but you also need to keep up with new tools. SEO rules change almost daily. A good provider of free SEO tools will offer more than just the basics.

One example of such a provider is They offer an impressive 11 categories of free seo tools. Some of these categories are basic: Link tools, keyword tools, and search engine tools. Tool categories like header/tag tools and source code tools allow you to analyze the technical portions of SEO. Source code tools include HTML validation that is especially important. Search engines can get tripped up on sloppy HTML code. If your HTML isn’t valid, they have a nifty HTML optimizer that will clean up your HTML and get you back in business. Finally, keeps you current with social web tools. The popularity of social networking sites makes having links on those sites pivotal to your online success. You can check for links on Twitter, Digg, and Delicious. This is a good indication of a great service. They’re offering webmasters relevant, current tools that allow for success in the present. There is nothing useless or outdated in their list of tools.

Their miscellaneous tools show just how far they’ve gone to provide you with all the seo website tools you need. An example of their devotion to your cause is the URL shortening tool. Having a lengthy URL with many variables can harm your search engine ranking or scare away potential customers who take one look at your URL and think, �Is this a legitimate service?� A URL shortening tool trims down the unnecessary parts of the URL and makes it a clean, easy to read address for search engines and potential customers. A clean URL gives a good impression to your future visitors.

You can never have too many SEO tools. These tools monitor your website’s visibility on the web, help you correct source code errors that might interfere with search engine placement, find out how quickly your website loads, and so many more things that in your line of work, you can’t live without. That’s why it’s best to find an SEO service that has an all-in-one seo tool solution rather than just a few basic tools that leave you scrambling to dozens of other sites to find everything you need. You’ll spend less time researching and more time building your business or audience.

An entire book could be written about all the SEO tools that are out there, but I don’t think a busy webmaster would have time to read it. If you’re just starting out, research each tool, find out which ones will help your cause, and use them regularly as if the life of your site depends on it.